Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lindsay & Dan's Fantastic Farm Wedding

We began one of the sweetest days of the summer driving down Cheesefactory Road to Bread and Butter Farm. If that's not too much cuteness already, consider this: we arrived to find freshly picked bouquets sitting in mason jars outside the farm store entrance. Looking past, there was a beautiful arch that Dan had built from contraband driftwood. Lindsay and Dan collected that wood from a nearby beach at night, dressed in black at Dan's insistence because he was aftraid they'd be caught.

And then there's the bit about how when they first started dating, Dan would carry around a cheat-sheet of silly jokes. In their vows to each other, they acknowledged that these jokes were, in part, responsible for Dan winning Lindsay's heart. The entire ceremony was a teary-eyed, laugh-riot. I freely admit to laugh-crying while trying to keep my camera in focus!

The ceremony and cocktail reception took place at the farm, where co-owner Corie Pierce oversaw flowers, helped us coordinate photos, and served up a wicked feast! From there, we moved on to the reception at Splash at the Boathouse, a floating waterfront restaurant. On the way, we met up with Toby, their adorable, bowtie-clad doggie, who insisted on being present for at least part of the day's festivities!

There's a kind of immediate warmth that surrounds these two, and by extension, their friends and family. The community that they've created is full of sincerety and love, and it was brilliant to witness it. Lindsay & Dan, thank you so much for choosing us to be a part of your day. Want to renew your vows every summer? We'll be there!

Dress and suit: Vera Wang
Justice of the Peace: Robin Guillian
Cakes: Marley Cakes
DJ: Jeremy McCandless
Arch: Handmade by Daniel

Special thanks to Jessica McGovern for all the help and making the day run smoothly! Besides being the perfect wedding photography assistant, Jess is brilliant baker and baking instructor. Check her out at The Lincoln Apartment Bakery.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rebekah & Dru: The Round Hearth

We drove through miles of lush green trees that met the cloudless blue horizon in the distance. As we pulled up to The Round Hearth, I knew this was going to be special. Surrounded by this forest, in the middle of a grassy clearing, chairs were neatly placed in rows, all facing the beautiful chuppah that was made from tablecloth linen that belonged to Rebekah & Dru's grandmothers. It melted my heart to see the loving, down-to-earth atmosphere they created. Waiting out there amongst the tree for the couple to emerge, I soaked it all in.

Keeping with tradition of all brides, Rebekah left her groom waiting with anticipation for their first look. Dru looked at his watch, re-read his vows, fixed his suit, texted some people and had some laughs with his best man Martin. It's very special for me as a photographer to witness that very first moment when a couple sees each other on their wedding day, dressed to the nines, jittery, nervous and excited. Watching them smile, laugh, kiss, hold each other and cry are golden moments.

The ceremony was officiated by their friend Dawn, who spoke from the heart with tears in her eyes, recalling the history of their love. The emotion continued to flow as Rebekah's sister Eleanor sang a Scottish song and the Dru's mother sang a traditional Estonian song. By the time they finished saying their vows to each other, not a dry eye was to be found! After Dru broke the glass, everyone cheered mazel tov, and the couple walked down the aisle as newlyweds where it rained confetti and rose petals over them.

Later, we used the perfect backdrop of the sunset for some shots of the couple, before the incredible Klezmer dancing under the setting sun. This was, hands down, one of my favourite moments from the wedding. The energy of the guests, the music, the spinning and weaving... just magic!

Rebekah & Dru, thank you guys so much for choosing us to be part of your day! We had so much fun with you guys, witnessing all the love and friendship that surround you. We wish you endless happiness...

Venue: The Round Hearth Flowers: Floralia and Dragon Flowers Dress: Katrin Le Bond Hair: Salon Medley, Magog Make-Up: Le Dome de Morphée, Orford Suit: Waxman Tuxedo House Chuppah: Katrin Le Bond made from their grandmothers table cloths. Music: Ariane Morin on saxophone and Laurence Sabourin on accordian. Officiant: Dawn Bramadat Confetti: Rice and Rose petals from both Floralia and Dragon Flowers Homemade Moroccan Hor's D'oeuvres: Made with love by Friends! Dinner: The Round Hearth