Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tyrone and Evan

Meet Tyrone and Evan. These guys are the cutest couple. I met Tyrone a few years ago, when I volunteered for a bunch of shoots and his face kept popping up at my shoots. He is Scotsman so I happened to bump into him while I was also shooting the Highland Games. I am so grateful for these run ins because I had the privilege of shooting their wedding, which will be up on the blog soon. We shot their engagement photos in Oldport, Montreal. It was a chilly yet beautiful day for our shoot on Easter Sunday.

The boys were totally relaxed and helped us scout for locations. The photos speak for themselves with these two. Thank you guys so much for choosing to work with us.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Restaurant Dinette Triple Crown!!

Another favourite of mine, Dinette Triple Crown, a southern bbq joint in the Mile End with amazing food. This gig with Provender is proving to be right up my alley. I get to visit the kitchens of all my local hot spots.

The restaurant is small but once you pull up a chair and check out all the pickled veggies laying in jars above your head, you know you have come to the right spot. There's a photo below of the menu that will leave you feeling bad about yourself once you order one of everything, because you simply can't choose. That's basically what happened to me on my first visit but I have since picked out a few favourites. I am in love with their Mac and Cheese, it is not your usual mac and cheese, it seems more saucy than stringy but it is truly epic. I also have a slight obsession with their pulled pork and fried chicken.

Colin, thanks again for allowing me into your kitchen and keep up the amazing work.