Hi! I'm Alison!

Photography is the best accident that has happened to me.

Seoul, 2008. I found myself in a seedy downtown electronics market. I was planning to hike up a volcano and was really sick of aiming my point-and-shoot at beautiful things and getting mediocre results. I was comparing a Nikon D-40 and a D-80, trying to make the right choice without any actual knowledge of SLRs, other than the fact that either one will be better than my Kodak v610. I opted for the D-40, solely because of its weight (there's a 12-hour uphill climb to consider, after all). And so begins my journey as a photographer.

Photography makes me more curious by the day. With my camera, I get to experience so much: witnessing love that surrounds a couple on their wedding day—the secret smiles and the boisterous laughs... the quiet, happy tears; capturing that magical moment when your team scores; watching a baby discover gravity and a cat languishing on a windowsill; documenting the incredible journey of our food, from farmers to markets, to the kitchen, the plate, and finally the palate; the frustration of a marginalized crowd, fighting for their beliefs.

All these moments, beautiful and bittersweet, exciting and maddening... every day, I work to capture these moments as authentically as I can. And all this while meeting wonderful new people! Like you, for instance. We should talk :)

Contact: alisonslattery@gmail.com
Phone: 514-562-3129
Location: Montreal, Quebec. Available worldwide.