Monday, July 30, 2012

My Baby Sister

My family came to visit last week and I had the pleasure of showing them Montreal, my home away from home. We visited all the obvious places a tourist would hit up along with some hidden gem restaurants. We watched the fireworks from the bridge one night and hit up Mont Saint Sauveur waterpark another. The boat ride through the Lachine Rapids was actually amazing and it was so nice to get absolutely drenched on a hot day. My baby sister made her confirmation in Ireland in May but waited for her photos to be taken until she came to Montreal. We climbed up Mont Royal and managed to get her into her confirmation outfit on a hot day. She was really looking forward to the shoot but very embarrassed to be so dressed up and the fact that it was super hot, did not help. Peg, I hope you like the photos but if you like I can put up all the ones where you are making faces at mom for telling you to smile. Love you and I cant wait to come visit soon, unfortunately its not soon enough.

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