Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A weekend in Labelle

In June, I spent a fantastic weekend in Labelle, Quebec, with my girlfriend and friends that came all the way from Boston. We stayed in an amazing chalet at Blueberry Lake. This chalet housed 10 of us very comfortably, it consisted of one king room, two queen rooms and two twin rooms all set over three floors. We had an amazing outside deck with a bbq, a pool and a ping pong table in the basement, a hot tub big enough for 8 and if that wasnt enough, a lake to our disposal. Of course we made great use of the deck; eating dinners, playing beirut and tanning. The weather was great, the lake was refreshing but the bugs were feasting. Here are a bunch of photos I took from the weekend.

Meet: The losers of the Beirut table

Meet: Kari

Meet: Shannon

A flower floats in the lake

Meet: Laurel

The gorgeous windows of the chalet

Meet: Aoife

Meet: My girlfriend Farah

Meet: Kim

Meet: Kristin

Meet: Deidre

Meet: Jinny

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