Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gays of Summer: Mario

I started this project in late June. I initially thought I would call it 100 Gays of Summer, but then I started figuring out that it was much harder than my 100 strangers. A lot of people were uncomfortable with the idea or their families did not know they were gay. People were fine with answering questions but not with photos, which for me was the most important part. Another hard part was telling my entire story to someone I had just stopped in the village and for them to reply oh but I am not gay. I can't tell you the amount of times that happened to me. In all the people I did meet were so much fun and more than willing, so I have to give them a huge thank you.

You will meet people from the villages of Montreal to my friends from Boston, who I also need to thank for letting me bother them on our vacation at a chalet this summer. I asked the same questions to everyone, I found it easier to have questions ready for people than letting them talk to me about their life, like with my strangers project. I will continue this project over the course of next summer and see how far I get. For now lets get the ball rolling.

Meet: Mario
Name: Mario Venditti.
When did you come out? When I was 22 years old.
Who was your first love? Robin.
What happened?Dated for 10 years and still are friends.
Whats your favourite movie? Kill Bill.
Whats your favourite song? Rolling in the Deep.
Are you a gold star? No, he has had many girlfriends ;)
If you could be anything what would you be? Famous Writer.
Biggest turn on? Good sense of humour.
Biggest turn off? Bad hygiene.
Ricky Martin or David Beckham? Ricky Martin.
George Michael or George Clooney? George Clooney.

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