Monday, January 7, 2013

Adopt Amy

This is Amy. She is looking for a new forever home. She is currently being fostered but will soon need a new parent. Amy is 3-and-a-half months old and she hates the cold, so she is going on 5-6 short walks a day for house training purposes. At her foster home she has a big brother Kai, who is showing her the ropes. Amy is learning how to sit but is still grasping the word stay. This is what her foster mommy has to say about Amy.

She loves her crate until you close the door. She is not destructive at home, while Kai and his mommy go on longer walks. A webcam was set up watching Amy while she was home alone. Once the front door closed, she got in her crate and got out again when she heard the front door open.

She is a very happy-go-lucky puppy. She loves everyone, although she is learning to greet people with all four feet on the floor, she is still a little jumpy at first. She is very secure and happy to go to new places to explore as long as those places are warm. She isn't bothered by loud noises or traffic. She loves other dogs and doesn't understand why she is not allowed to play with them. She plays rough and can be vocal, she growls a lot when playing, but her bite inhibition is getting better.

She is very happy to be handled and is very cuddly. She loves to curl up next to mommy or Kai and ideally on mommy or Kai. She shares Kai's toys with him without any issues and has decided that tug is her favourite game. She growls and snarls the whole time but her body language is relaxed and playful and if Kai stops she goes right back to him with the toy for more. She walks very nicely on leash, though she has not been walked without Kai. She walks right next to him all the time and it is possible that if he were not there she wouldn't be so great.

Overall she is a super happy, smart and easy puppy. She will need the usual work that all puppies need but she will do well in a lot of different home environments. Another dog has been great for her but it is not necessary. She is also ok with the cat. In fact, she is a bit scared of the cat.

If you are interested in adopting Amy, please email her foster mom Liz at or email Their website is

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