Monday, March 4, 2013

Strom Spa Nordique

Feeling stressed, tired or worn out. Need a day to recuperate? Check out this place.

Strom is a Nordic Spa located on Nun's Island. Its baths are located outdoors and are open all year round regardless of the weather. It is based on the concept of alternating between hot and cold cycles followed by relaxation. The water circuit helps to eliminate toxins, increase sleep quality, relaxes muscles, is good for the immune system and overall good health. We all need this little bit of luxury at least once in a while.

They have hot and cold pools, waterfalls, massages, facials, sauna's, steam room, fire pits and relaxation rooms.

It is really nice, not only because it is outdoors but because of the lake view and trees. The outdoor massages in the summer are epic, you can hear the birds while you relax.

When you live in the city and don't have access to a car, you can't really imagine escaping but as I sat on the deck there last summer and watched frogs jumping around the lake, I felt like I was not in a city.

Be sure to check out their other events, you might just find yourself sipping cocktails until 3am under the stars.

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