Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Im only just back to Montreal from a weeks stay in Boston. It feels like my home away from home, the first city I ever lived in when I left Ireland for the first time as a petrified 21-year-old, for a three month stint with a J1 visa.
After the torturous 10 hour bus drive from Montreal, I arrived at south station only to find the jeans and shirt I was wearing were absolutely not weather appropriate. I got on the T and thought to myself, jeez some things never change. The T always has a very distinct smell of rubber, no other subway in the world I have been on smells like it. Secondly, the view going over the Charles river on the redline, its one of my favourites. It had been over two years since my last visit but walking around the subways and Boston was like I had never left, my brain remembered every corner and every turn.
It was a week full of antics. I met a neighbour from hometown for lunch. I stayed with my best friend Aoife and her partner Kim and tried my best to drive her nuts, I succeeded. I walked around downtown and passed my favourite pizzeria in the North End. I took a pedicab around the city, my driver was the best ever. I went to see a Red Sox game, kayaked, biked, played basketball, went clubbing, celebrated July 4th, went swimming in Walden pond, played with my friends dog, Beezus, played with Aoife and Kim's cat, Toby, got eaten alive by mosquitos so bad that my ankle swelled and looked like I broke it and finally I watched the munster final in PJ Ryans at 8.30am while sipping on Bulmers. Phew all of that was a mouthful. Best of all, was meeting up with the many friends I have all over Boston.
Boston, I will be back, see you around Thanksgiving!!!!