Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cork - Corcaigh

I really wanted to show Farah my old stomping grounds around Cork City. The City where I went to University, made best friends and have some of the best memories of my life. An early morning train and a few hours before our flight to London was enough to give Farah her first introduction to Cork. For me it was a walk down memory lane. We met some of my friends for lunch then we headed to the English Market, where some of the best olives in Ireland are kept. You can buy just about anything here.

We took a stroll up Oliver Plunkett St and down St Patrick's Street and had a look in the shops, Farah's favourite being the MAC store and Brown Thomas. Then my version of College life. I took her down the streets with our fav night clubs, Fast Eddies on the Tues night for a bit of Hip Hop, past The Bakery which was always a messy night ending in Tequila and breast in a bun from Hillbilly's. On we went past The Beamish factory which is now sadly closed down over the bridge and stopping to get the first glimpse of St Fin Barre's. In first year that was our north star, we knew we were 20 mins walk from home when we saw the church.   Onto College Ave it was, before passing our house from third/fourth year. We had some laughs in that house and some great parties too. The fights, the dances and the hangovers all made better by a Friday morning roll, a pepsi and pringles from the local shop. Up the street lies UCC, it is a beautiful campus still to this day, a few changes have been made but its still in tip top shape. Unfortunately the Old Bar was closed so no beer for us.

As a graduate, I enjoyed walking through the quad and across the UCC symbol without fear of failing exams. I hope you guys enjoy the little glimpse of Cork I'm giving you even though there's so much more to show but with only a few hours, this was the best I could do.

The English Market
Oliver Plunkett Street
St Finbarrs Cathedral
College Ave.
University College Cork (UCC)
Entrance to UCC
Western Road