Thursday, December 5, 2013


In this post, I would like to introduce you to the many members of my family and friends. We all know Irish families are big and so ours is no exception. Big families make for amazing bbq's, Parties, lots of laughs and stories to be told. Before the end of our vacation, mom arranged a bbq at the house and the family to come on by. The photo above is my immediate family but missing is our sister Claire, who is currently waltzing around South Korea. There is a space for here there next to Patrick, so we might photoshop her in someday. We were cutting and hauling wood in my grandmother Slattery's fields.

The Brother: Also known as Patrick, Pat or Paddy

Meet The Grandmother and The Gran Aunt: Alice, my grandmother stands behind her 96 yr old sister Eilish.

The Aunt and The Cousin: Helen and Tina

The Mother and Her Brother: Anne and my uncle Tom aka Fridge. More on Tom and his family can be seen here.


John and Alice: Alice is my dad's sister. John is Tracey's Husband. More of their family can be seen here

Lisa and Bernie



Johnny: Cian's Dad

My Godfather: Jeremiah

My Boy: Cian

Michael (my cousin) and Doreen (my aunt).

Dad and Emma.

The aul grey paw.


Liam and Jeremiah