Thursday, February 13, 2014


The windy city holds up to its name as it was as cold as Montreal with daily temperatures at -18C. The city is very easy to navigate, between the El train (elevated train), the loop area and walking mostly, I never found myself lost. Lake Michigan is absolutely massive and the bursts of cold winds that made its way from there were both cruel to ones skin and teeth chattering. Constant stops for heat breaks are a must in the winter, I would design my own walking tours but made sure there was a Macy's or Garrett's Popcorn (this is a must if you are in Chicago) nearby to stop into and hide from the cold.
Willis (Sears) Tower is the tallest in the west. Standing above 103 floors gazing at views of Chi-town, was both amazing and petrifying. I felt the building sway a few times and it would put the heart out through you. The glass box, which you can step into is not for the faint of heart either. I tip toed my way into it, while others lay on it and did hand stands. The views were amazing, we could see all the way to Indiana and our guide pointed out where E.R was filmed, where Oprah's studios were and the United centre where the famous Michael Jordan (#23) played.

I visited a few other neighbourhoods as well, just to get out of downtown. Jen, my favourite tour guide in Chicago took me to a Mexican neighbourhood, the Pilsen Historic District where we had some amazing tacos for lunch. After we walked the streets to see the colourful murals of Pilsen. Next stop, chinatown, very much like our own here in Montreal. The snow was bucketing down at this stage and refuge in the Field Museum was a must. Dinosaurs, lots of them, I liked this museum but its geared more for children which is great if you have them and need a place to go.
I really enjoyed my time in Chicago. I will be back but this time in the warmer summer months, there are too many parks and beaches that lay under snow in the winter. The pro's of my winter visit: I was well equipped for the weather, no crowds, no lines. The Con's: Snow, not much happening in the winter, beautiful parks lay empty, no boat rides or tours, not one team was playing while I was there. Chicago overall seems like a much better summer spot, oodles of parks and beaches, outdoor spots, free summer concerts and a bustling Navy Pier.

This here is a light display to music at Chicago O Hare airport.