Friday, April 18, 2014

Arts Cafe Montreal

I started work with Provender on Wednesday. Provender are this amazing new start up, with a farm to fork approach. Chef's get to see where their produce is coming from and meet the farmer from time to time. The idea is every week I will go to a local restaurant who use Provender's services and snap a few photos of the end product. I will also be shooting at farms, so chefs will see their product growing and farmers will see their end product on dishes around Montreal. Pretty cool right?

My first shoot was at Arts Cafe on Fairmount. It was a breakfast shoot. Thanks so much to Brian for whipping up some delicious dishes for me. If you are ever in the Mile - End, try out Arts Cafe and say hello to Brian.

Dishes below are an Egss Benedict and Eggs Benedict with Merguese sausage.

Classic Breakfast with homemade back bacon, Hofkelsten sourdough bread, eggs from Gauthier family farm, carrots and potatoes from Provender.