Monday, August 18, 2014

Sarah & Bryan's Wedding at L'Ambroisie, Montreal.

July 19th. It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. We arrived at Sarah and Bryan's apartment to find a radiant, if somewhat under-the-weather Sarah, getting ready for her big day. We met her lovely parents and her old friends, both bridesmaids. The apartment was cool and relaxed, and so green, bathed in light reflected off the ivy-covered wall in their garden: Sarah loves leaves, her mom told us.

Next stop: Birks Chapel at McGill. Sarah was immediately in tears as she was walked down the aisle by her father! Light poured through the stained glass windows as Bryan read his vows to Sarah, and she (having lost her voice!) stepped in close to whisper hers to him. Musicians played and guests applauded as they kissed and made their way to the chapel foyer for an impromptu receiving line.

We headed to take family portraits on McGill campus.

The reception took place at L'Ambroisie on the Lachine Canal. Old train tracks trace along the canal, set against repurposed red-brick factory buildings and overgrown greenery and wildflowers. It was the perfect backdrop for this nature-loving, down-to-earth couple!

During post-dinner speeches, we learned a little more about Sarah and Bryan. We learned the term "windling," a trait Sarah has inherited from her father, and how Bryan-the-Engineer is (mostly) always right!

Sarah & Bryan, we had an absolute ball shooting your wedding and spending the day with you, witnessing how good you are to each other, to your families and community of friends. We wish you a lifetime of happiness! Thank you again for choosing us to be part of your day.

This photo is special. It's a recreation of a photo Sarah's parent's took seven years ago on the steps of The Redpath Museum.


Make-Up: Rosann Nerenberg
Hair: Salon Deauville
Church: Birks Heritage Chapel (McGill University)
Flowers: Edgewood Florists
Venue: Restaurant L'Ambroisie
Dress: Vezina Loft
Bryan's Suit: Moore's
Cake: Premiere Moisson
Food & Cupcakes: Restaurant L'Ambroisie
D.J: Alex Delmar