Monday, November 3, 2014

Puerto Morelos, Mexico!

The first stop on our trip was Puerto Morelos, a small quaint fishing village, 20mins from Cancun airport. There are two parts to Puerto Morelos, the town (pueblo) and the beach (playa). We found an amazing casita on Airbnb and dropping off our suitcases & changing from jeans was perogative since it was 37deg celsius outside. Casitas Kinsol Room 4 is a win, it is cheap, colourful, clean & the owners couldn't be nicer. That night we took a stroll around the pueblo and ate some delicious tacos, fish, beer & the most epic churros I have ever tasted in my life. The town is small, you will have walked the entire thing in minutes. It is quiet during the day but once those buses pull up at 6pm, dropping off all the hard construction workers, the town comes alive. Taco stalls open everywhere, internet houses, tortillerias, kids playing video games, even people gather to sit and chat in the town square(zócalo). It stays like this well until the wee hours of the morning.

I slept well even though every stray dog in Mexico spent the night barking. I noticed that the town got going the second daylight broke. The cars were zooming by and people were busy to get to work. I am guessing with the heat of the sun, everything starts early in the day then a midday siesta and once the heat dies a little, it all picks up again. Our first day was spent on the beach which is about a 5min drive away. The area looks more touristy than the town. It was just the perfect start to our holiday. Beautiful weather, sipping on margaritas & ague fresco at 11am & eating guacamole for breakfast, yes, it was my ideal start. Guacamole is single handedly my favourite food. It was low season, the beach was quiet, ideally what you want. The Caribbean turquoise waters were warm and saltier than any other ocean I have been in, which was brilliant in a way because I could just float.

It is a beautiful village by the sea, even better if you love to do a spot of fishing. They literally just fish off the pier in the morning catching plenty of fish with their nets. We watched one guy catch about 20 in one go, they were a fine size and all. I asked him if he was going to sell them to the restaurants but he said he was cooking up some tacos later for his family. I bet they were delicious.

This is a perfect peaceful little town, it should not be overlooked for the bigger spots like Cancun & Playa Del Carmen. We ended up coming back here to spend the last night of our trip. Did I mention that there are plenty of Cenotes nearby? Yup there is an entire route (ruta de los cenotes), our favourite being Siete Bocas (seven mouths), it has very few visitors, a little steep when it comes to price but it is a hidden gem in the jungle.