Monday, February 23, 2015

Irish Themed Wedding

So wedding season is gracing us and I have been spending time glancing through magazines with my morning coffee during Montreal's polar vortex days. I noticed this theme of green flowing through and with spring on the way its perfect. It also reminded me of home, so I went with it and decided to make an inspiration board. Yes, a Saint Patrick's day wedding board. I know there is at least one Irish person somewhere in the world getting married on St Paddy's day, shur there's always one.

I chose a lot of greens & browns because every Irish bar I have ever walked into is drenched in wood, especially dark woods. How can you go wrong with green? You have about 40 shades to choose from given the Irish landscape is like a puzzle board of colours. With the state of the Irish economy there are so many Irish living abroad, I put together, through various clippings my version of an Irish themed wedding without all the expected leprechaun, shamrocks & druids for where-ever you are living in the world.