Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Farm to Table

For the past few years I have been freelancing for a start up company in Montreal called Provender. Their aim is to bring fresh produce straight from the farms to your restaurant. Chef's meet the farmers and vice versa. Chef's know what is being sown and can plan a future menu around the farms life cycle.

This work has brought me to many farms and restaurants all over Quebec and Ontario. It has been a terrific journey, listening & watching farmer's showing us their love of their lands. I also get a glimpse into where the produce goes after its life at the farm. I have seen abattoirs & the work involved in running them. On the flip side for veggies, I have often watched the entire life-cycle. Being sown at the farm, growing and finally ending up at a local restaurant in Montreal, ready to be devoured by hungry clients. It is a thing of beauty to watch. It has made me more aware of what I should be eating and how important our local farmer's are.

Below are a bunch of my favourite photos to date:

Ferme Nordest

Rose Des Vents

Ferme Stansted

Fromage Des Cantons

Pleasant Hill Farm, Ontario

Twin Creeks Farm, Ontario

Sheldon Creek Dairy, Ontario

Bizjak Farm, Ontario

Lamblicious, Ontario

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