Friday, February 26, 2016

American Trade Hotel, Panama City

It is back to Panama City for two full days of pampering. It is our first hot shower in four days, although we really can't complain, we were just on the most perfect island. This is thee most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed in. The Cuarto room is gorgeous, you enter and see a massive king bed waiting for you. A minibar full to the brim and room service till midnight. The bathroom had a huge rain shower, Turkish bathrobes, and plenty of little shampoos which made their way into my backpack, (the robe got a lucky escape). When I turned on the t.v, my name popped up and it welcomed me. Technology these days guys, I paid for that shit to happen, cause this room ain't cheap. There is free wifi & it is fast. The balcony has a fantastic view of Plaza Herrara & Casco Viejo. I sat there for hours people watching, kids playing, tourists gathering, the hustle and bustle of dinner service all happening right outside my window. Below to the right lies the epic Danilo's Jazz club. So, I did not leave that room for two days and I was completely ok with that.

Once you have your key card, you get access to the rooftop pool, the library (which boasts a framed photo of Jamie Lee Curtis, I had a good mind to add myself to their collection) an outdoor deck & a gym, which was surprising being used. I had no intention of working out while I was on holidays, that's what all the hiking trips were for. Did I mention Adrian Grenier from Entourage was staying at this hotel, everywhere I went, he was always close by, I swear he was following me.

Ok, this place is heaven. Why am I only spending two days here? Oh ya, because that's all I can afford.

Downstairs and open to the general public is the restaurant (this has the best Sunday brunch), Unido coffee shop and the bar. The coffee is delicious and I highly recommend the Iced Coffee cause you won't find much of that once you leave Panama City. The breakfast you get with your stay is continental but seriously worth it. Croissants, jams, juice, coffee, fresh fruit, yoghurt and granola, it was all delicious. I was surprised the croissants were so good and I know croissants, coming from Montreal. If you are planning on eating in the restaurant, bring a jumper, it is extremely hot outside but they have the a/c at minus a bajillion so you've been warned.

In short, would I go back? A million yesses!! I would sell a kidney to go back to Panama again just to stay in this hotel. If you have the choice stay here because you won't be disappointed. This was seriously the most luxurious part of our trip and so worth it.