Friday, April 22, 2016

Kelly & Larae

Kelly & Larae got married in Guelph, Ontario, after 5 years together since they met at University of Michigan. They now live in Toronto & thought Guelp would be the perfect spot to host all their friends & family from across the US & Canada. The morning of their wedding we drove to a cottage they had rented in the country side. As we pulled up, the fog gave way to this little garden of paradise. The cottage was surrounded by fields & fog, I remember feeling like it was a film set. There was a beautiful turquoise lake in the middle of the garden with a bridge to one side, a weeping willow on the other & horses nearby.

While Larae nervously waited behind the giant weeping willow, we decided this was the perfect spot for The First Look. Once Kelly arrived all the jitters had worn off, leaving behind some tears & laughter. The wedding party soon joined them for some fun shots on the grounds. We even used some of the horses & the canoe, it was good times.

The ceremony took place Melville United Church in the small town of Fergus, Ontario & the party continued at Seederiou Estonian Camp in Elora, Guelph. It started with a massive BBQ, then there was some free time while the reception got ready. During this time people swam, played basketball, there was a serious game of volleyball going on.

That night Kelly & Larae shared stories, songs, poems and even dances for their guests. Guys, thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your big day.

Second Shooter - Farah Khan//