Sunday, June 17, 2012

And the celebrations continue!!!

Portugal V Netherlands Euro 2012 (2-1)

I watched the game at Bar Frappe today. The Portuguese congregated outside and downstairs to watch Portugal V Netherlands, while all the German fans watched their game V Denmark on the terrace upstairs. Portugal needed a win today to go through to the next round, however Netherlands shook them up with a lot of early possession and then an early goal. Portugal responded before the half with a goal to level the game. The crowd went wild. The man in the photo above picked me up and threw me around the place with excitement, while the woman in the photo below is trying to get him to stop because I was trying to take photos. It was actually great craic and I still managed to snap these while being tossed around. Second half and Portugal score, only to be offside, what a shame. Portugal fans can't watch and everyone's hands seem to be on their faces with shock. Minutes later a second goal goes in. What a game for the Portuguese and they even hit the woodwork twice today. Ronaldo finally managed to find the net in this tournament and at such a critical game. The celebrations continued on St Laurent and Rachel where a huge crowd gathered and sang ole ole ole. Flags were flying, whistles blowing, traffic stopped and enjoyed the festivities. Police came and gave up trying to get the traffic sorted and were basically hoarded off the streets by the crowds singing to them. Below is a big collection of what I witnessed today and immensely enjoyed, I hope the Portuguese go far because the celebrations are worth it to watch.

Above: Stopped at St Laurent and Rachel

Above: Young and old come out to play

Above: Such a joyous moment

Above: Ole ole ole

Above: The police just give up and almost join in.

Above: Traffic stopped and boys get out and join in with the celebrations.

Above: Everyone is having fun

Above: All passing cars get covered in flags.

Above: This guy is loving the flags all over his car.

Above: What happens when an STM bus comes along?

Above: A view from inside the bus.

Above: Singing to the bus driver.

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