Friday, June 8, 2012

Montreal, you come alive in the summer

Montreal, your winters are harsh and last forever, but your summers one can only wish for. The colours, the smell of meat on the bbq, the flowers climbing up the winding staircases, the farmers markets and your never ending line of festivals. What more could a city wish for.

Meet Barry, my new electric ride for the summer. I rented it from Dyad on Prince Arthur. It is the    most convenient little thing ever. It has a lithium battery which gets me up to a distance of 50km and only 10 cents to charge it over night. It takes me and my girlfriend Farah who hops on the back, all over town.

The weather has been pretty crappy lately, so once I saw the sun, I took Barry out and whizzed around the place to see what was going on. First stop Fuchsia where Binky had her bike parked outside. The two electric scooters sitting outside looked like a scene from Italy.

Off to the village, which at this time of year is pedestrianised and full of pink balls. What a sight! I tried to take a few photos of myself in the village using the scooter mirror. Afterwards, I headed up Jacques Cartier bridge which because I have an electric scooter, I can use the bike lanes around the city, thank god. The traffic on the bridge was insane that same day. From here, I got another view of the village in all its glory. The views of Montreal and Oldport were stunning with the sun setting. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Venus, but the sun was just too strong for my eyes and my camera. I drove around La Ronde, which is an amusement park before taking some pics of kids on roller coasters from the view I had on the bridge.

The next morning, I headed to Beerfest, which has beers from around the world and some from local breweries. You buy some tasting tickets which don't come cheap and each 4oz taste will cost you at least 2 coupons. My favourite of the day was the Montreal Broken 7 beer, but then again I was a little tipsy by that time so its really hard to know. I finished off my day on the street fair on Mont Royal, right outside my house. There, I met my friend Raquel with Chaka, whom she pet sits a lot. I ended up buying more shoes and eating more Portuguese food than I should have.

The Grand Prix F1, begins this weekend as does Francofolies, so hopefully the weather will keep up for a few more photo opportunities.

Above: Cute Cafe in the Village

Above: My attempt at a self portrait.

Above: One could count them if one tried but one might fail.

Above: View from Jacques Cartier Bridge.

Above: My beautiful city.

Above: Traffic on the bridge.

Above: La Ronde, famous for its firework festival in the summer.

Above: I believe this one is called The Vampire.

Above: Beerfest

Above: A local beer.

Above: Harpoon I.P.A, a reminder of my summers in Boston.

Above: Mont Royal street fair.

Above: Raquel and Chaka at the fair.

Above: Mont Royal Street fair and Portuguese Food.

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