Friday, September 13, 2013

Meet the Naughtons

I just had to photograph my Uncle Fridge, his wife Joan and the kids while I was home. It was my first time meeting Caoimhe (anyone who is not Irish, please don't hatchet the name) since she was born and let me tell you this, she is a natural in front of the lens. She is full of beans just like her two big brothers Tom and Sean.

Uncle Tom is a master chef, the main BBQ man and everyone loves to call to his door around Christmastime to see what he has cooked up. He is known at work for his delicious pies and he loves to compete with family members for the title of Top Chef. I have never met someone who loves food so much, I swear he should open his own restaurant. (PS, I'm still waiting on that)

We took a stroll through the Nun's Woods where we decided would be a great place to snap some pics. I had not stepped foot in these woods in over two years, even though we used to roam these woods as children. We would spend our days hunting for the best and strongest conkers, to become the school champion the following day. I asked fridge when was he last in the woods and he replied "oh when I was hiding from the guards". I laughed and would like to think he was joking but I'm sure theres a fine story to be told. The woods are now home to overgrown trees and bushes, a bit of a Sherwood Forest.

Anyways, meet the children of the hour, Tom, Séan and Caomihe.

We finished off our shoot with a kick around in the car park. The boys love playing soccer so it was a great time to get some action shots.

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