Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Kearneys

Meet Tracey, John, Michael, Jack and Sean. Tracey was an amazing cousin growing up. She bought all the things my parents wouldn't, like a pair of oversized Michael Jordan shorts that I soooo wanted for basketball, I looked like a muppet in them but she still got them for me. Id say they are still in the attic and they probably fit me better now. She took me the bazaar and she will say she spent a fortune on me, she most likely did, I wasn't a cheap child. She gave me my first pair of Nike shoes, a pair of hand me downs but I washed them and treated them as if they were gold, I thought they gave me some serious SWAG. She got me part time jobs and pocket money which was well needed but above all else, when I was being bullied in secondary school, she got her friends to save my ass.

I have known John since I was about 11. He is hilarious and I could do with his amazing construction now and again. John is a hands on guy, he builds playgrounds and tree houses for the kids. He built his own A frame chicken coop, it is amazing. It gets fresh eggs every morning and sits near their amazing pea garden. If you need something built then John is the man.

The shoot went amazing. The guys were so chill, they got ready on a whim and we headed to Banna Beach. All Jack wanted was to get wet and play in the water. Id say we had only been there 5 mins before we lost his dry pants to the river. Michael was quite the model, he was ready and willing to pose at any moment. GQ better watch out cause theres a new star in town. Sean is a soft quiet sweetheart, an absolutely gorgeous child with dark eyes and mousey brown hair. He def looks like his moms side of the family. Sean has been through the mill for the past few years and is heading for another open heart surgery next year. He was a trooper during the shoot, climbing beams and walking along the beach.

Thanks a million for getting ready in a shot and taking us to a new part of Banna beach that I had yet to explore. Hopefully we didn't overfeed those ducks at the lake.

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