Friday, June 20, 2014

Aoife and Kim: An Engagement session in Old Port

Well, this one is a special one. I recently shot an engagement session with my best friend and her bride to be Kim. I have known Aoife since we started secondary school together but mostly from the school basketball team and French class where I kept Aoife and Marguerite from learning, as the teacher would say. We both went onto the same college (UCC), both playing for the soccer team, we ended up making new friends and eventually all living in the same house. We became pretty inseparable, spending our summers in Boston, playing sports, drinking and well drinking. I am not sure how we all survived that Rhode Island trip and how we are not still lost in Pawtucket. When Aoife eventually settled in the states, I moved to South Korea for a stint. It was the early days of good internet and we only had a stray email here and there for two years. If there's one thing you'll learn about our Eef, it's that she's brutal at keeping in touch. I am sure she will say otherwise. What I do know is this, it doesn't matter if it's been two years or ten, when we see each other again, it feels like it's only been days. We have been through thick and thin together. Heartbreaks and new loves, always keeping in touch and visiting when we can. If I am home, I love calling to Aoife's family, her sisters are amazing and I have some precious memories with them. Now let's meet her other half, maybe I even dare say her better half!

Aoife met Kim a few years ago through friends and I just knew that was the end of Aoife's single days. Kim is small but omg is the girl strong. She would try anything once, I love that about her. She is the perfect host and would do anything for you. I am not sure a puzzle has ever been so perfect. Literally two peas in a pod. Aoife is the kindest person I know, adventurous, patient, funny, artsy, smart and sporty. Kim is all of those things as well, making them a lethal match when it comes to board games, taboo and doubles tennis. When I first saw Aoife with Kim,I saw a light that I hadn't seen in Aoife in a long time. She was sooooooo happy. When I got the call that she was going to propose to Kim in P-town in the middle of winter on a boardwalk, it didn't surprise me one bit. I was so happy for her, for both of them. Kim is amazing. It's hard to make Aoife a better person than she already is but Kim just makes it perfect times two.

I am so excited for both of them and that both of their families get to come together to celebrate and be in each others lives. I knew I was always going to be part of your day Eef, but if you told me ten years ago, I would be photographing your wedding day, I would have laughed in your face.

Thank you guys for trusting me with your day. I cannot wait!!