Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sarah and Bryan: An Engagement stroll through the Plateau

Guys I am so looking forward to your wedding this weekend. Sarah and Bryan, you are so wonderful. Watching you two interact and make each other giggle for me was such a joy. You are so easy going and up for just about anything. I love how Bryan makes Sarah feel that she is the only girl in the room.

We arranged to meet up and start the shoot in their backyard which during the summer months is in full burst of green. I just so happened to get introduced to Sarah's mom who had popped up from the states for her wedding shower weekend and I am excited to snap photos of her in a few days.

Our last set was taken in one of my favourite ruelle's in Montreal. I call it little Switzerland, because it basically looks like chalet after chalet. Sarah and Bryan had never walked through this ruelle before even though it was only a few blocks from their house. I am so glad to have introduced you to it and hopefully you guys will take strolls through it during the summer months as a married couple.