Thursday, January 19, 2012

100 Strangers Project Part 6

Meet: John Fotheringham:

Meet my strangers, part 6 : John Fotheringham. This week, I headed to Chinatown for my project, so I would have a different background to my pics. Again it was snowing, I just cant seem to escape it. I was having a hard time finding some people who were willing to pose in the cold for a few minutes and who also spoke English and not Mandarin or Cantonese. Along came John, who was a brilliant subject. He was more than willing to pose and have a chat. First off, I was like hmmm you're name is unusual, he then informed me that it was Scottish. I found out that his ancestors were sheep thieves in Scotland. One family member left Scotland for Argentina, where they fought with the Argentinians against the Spanish for possession of the railroads. There is a town in Argentina named after this person, the town is called General Fotheringham. John is a 20yr old student at Concordia University. He is studying International Business. He was born in Toronto but moved a lot during his life, living in many places. His new passion is making gourmet chocolates and he hopes to open a restaurant some day. He is currently writing a book about his travels in South America. Thanks so much to John for all the info and for sitting in the freezing cold. Best of luck with the book and the chocolates.