Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Le Chien Fumant

On Sunday, Farah and I decided to try out a new brunch place. It has been in the Plateau for a few years and I lived right by it for 2 years and never went in. This cozy restaurant can be found on De LanaudiƩre and Gilford. They only serve brunch on sundays which varies in price from 13$-20$. They have amazing cocktails between $5.50 and $8. The mimosa was delicious as was the Bloody Caesar. This is def a "must go to" place if you have the funds. It's super cute, super delish with super service. My coffee did take an age to come out (machine broke) but at least the waitress was really apologetic and in the end I was not charged for it. Also a must try is their Morning Glory Fizz, basically all you need to know is that its whiskey and raw egg whites, I like to be adventurous every now and again.

Picture above taken by Farah..

Farahs Breakfast: Shells of wild boar meat.

My Breakfast: Chorizo, black beans, pico di gallo

Above: The delicious Morning Glory Fizz