Thursday, February 2, 2012

100 Strangers Project Part 10

Meet Jérôme Choquette:

Meet my stranger part 10: Jérôme Choquette. I ran into this well dressed bloke on Parc and Laurier. I had to ask him to be part of my project cause he was this handsome old man but what I didnt know was he is also the Ex Justice Minister of Quebec and the Ex Major of Outremont. Jérôme is 84 years old, has four children and four grandchildren. He is still practising law and taking on some big cases, he said he is fighting the whole justice system because its unfair. Jérôme has helped pass some of Quebecs finest laws including the protection of children act and the charter of human rights and freedoms. He work has taken him to places like China and Japan. What a legend and keep up the fight!! Thanks to Jérôme for the nice chat about politics and world travels.