Wednesday, February 22, 2012

100 Strangers Project Part 13

Meet Michel Lefebvre

Meet my stranger part 13: (unlucky for some but lucky for me) Michel Lefebvre from Montreal. Michel founded his bookstore in 1987. There are approx 10,000 books in his store and another 5000 in storage. He finds his books from just about everywhere, from garage sales to donations. His favourite books to read are thrillers and travel books, although his says he has not traveled much, I beg to differ he has been to Spain, Morocco and Portugal. He lived in Italy for a year when he was in his twenties. He speaks English, French, Spanish, basic Italian and Portuguese. He also lived in Mexico and worked as a translator. Michel is 72 years old, a bachelor he tells me but loves his little bookshop of 24 years. Besides his amazing bookstore, Michel also was playing classical music adding to the ambiance inside. His store LIBRAIRIE HENRI-JULIEN can be found in the Plateau at Villeneuve and Henri Julien.

Above: Never a store without a good Hitler book
Above: in Greek and in Latin

Above: you can see some books from 1854 and 1706