Thursday, February 2, 2012

100 Strangers Project Part 9

Meet Assumpta Ndejuru:

Meet my stranger part 9: Assumpta Ndejuru was born in Rwanda, she lived there for 12 years until she was no longer allowed to go to school for an education, thats when her parents said it was time to move. They moved to Congo, Germany before finally settling in Canada. She owns and runs her own daycare in Montreal. She has one son. She just got back from her first trip to Africa in 41 years. She had never wanted to go back but decided to go see what it was like now. Everything had changed since she was a child and she said everyone had a mobile phone somehow. Assumpta has six siblings. They all have Canadian passports now, but 3 of them still decide to live in Africa most of the year while the other three remain in Canada. Thanks so much taking the time to talk and pose for me.