Thursday, March 29, 2012

100 Strangers Project Part 15 and 16

Meet Mireilla and Shirley the Le Blanc sisters

I met Mireilla and Shirley on my walk up Mont Royal. It was a brisk morning with plenty of ice just sitting there waiting for its victims. Mireilla 68 years old and Shirley 58 years old both born in Montreal but Mireilla having more English than Shirley took centre stage for this project, she has more English than Shirley from growing up in Outremont and playing with little Jewish girls when she was a kid. Mireilla worked in a bank for 35 years and retired last year. She got really bored of not having a routine anymore and decided she still wanted to meet people everyday. She now works as a brigadiers scolaire or as we call them in Ireland (a lollipop lady). Shirley also worked in a bank for 35 years and just retired this week. She is enjoying her new freedom and late mornings so far and hopes it will last. Mireilla has one daughter who is 31yrs old and Shirley has 2 daughters 28yrs and 30yrs old who both work in offices.