Thursday, March 29, 2012

100 Strangers Project Part 14

Meet Uncle Costa

It was a blustery snowy day and I was sick of the cold outside, so for my project I headed into the nearby record store less than a block from my house. My girlfriend is always raving about this place called Thee Sound Central saying they have parties in the record store and they so nice and welcoming and they will even play records of your choice for you in store, you can just hang out there whenever you want..Seriously!! In I went and I met with Uncle Costa. He was more than willing to let me take shots of the store and told me a bit about himself. He is born and bred Montrealer. He was a Montreal punk rock singer for 20 years in a band called Vulgar Deli. He once owned a moving company and was hired by various bands as a driver and was once the driver for Kataklysm (a Canadian death metal band) in the US for 2 1/2 months. Of course he loves music and what better a place to work now than a record store. Thee Sound Central can be located at Mont Royal and Coloniale.