Tuesday, May 29, 2012

L.A Galaxy V Montreal Impact

Montreal Impact took on L.A Galaxy on May 12th 2012 at a packed Olympic Stadium. There was a record attendance of 60,860 people that day that led to a mixture of cheers and jeers every time David Beckham touched the ball. Impacts strategy was simple enough, to award no free kicks to Beckham, one free kick was too much to give away to the man that can sock a ball into the back of any net with his legendary free kick trademark. Impact did a great job of marking Beckham, which started to show during the second half as he began pushing and shoving players a lot. You could see his temper flaring after a Galaxy player got yellow carded and Beckham chastised the Impact player on a stellar performance dive. In the end it was Beckham, who helped the Impact draw a record crowd of 60,860 fans and his second-half goal off a 23-yard free kick in 62nd minute allowed the Galaxy to leave Montreal with a 1-1 draw Saturday at Olympic Stadium. I have to admit it was a first for me to see Beckham play but seeing his trademark free kick and to score from it was just incredible. Hopefully one day, I will be seated in the right place to get that free jersey he gives out after every game, at least a girl can dream.

Above: Record crowd for a professional game.

Above: Robbie Keane with a quiet enough game takes a break for some water.

Above: Beckham gestures to his teammates.

Above: Impact Free

Above: Montreal fans jeer at Beckham taking a corner.

Above: Landon Donovan takes a fall

Above: The naked leg of Becks...heart thumps..

Above: Beckham's temper flares after this foul

Above: Beckham has a fight with Impact player.

Above: Beckham's free kick coming towards goalkeeper Ricketts.

Above: Ball flies past Donovan Ricketts and hits the back of the net.

Above: Beckham laughs at the referee for his poor calls.

Above: Beckham talks to tv crew

Above: Becks gives away his shirt to a fan

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