Thursday, May 3, 2012

Montreal Impact

Last night, I took my favourite five year old to a soccer game, my birthday present to him. His first, at the big Olympic Stadium in Montréal, where Impact took on Toronto F.C. We sat near the press and corporate box sections. This is a cute area for kids and families. It has a mini food stall, picnic tables and a little space for them to run around if you are thinking of going to a game. Tameem couldn't wait for his team to start playing—that and all the junk food he requested. During half time, we went on a walkabout and noticed a ton of free seats behind the goals, close to the fan zone. In we went to enjoy the atmosphere and I wanted to give Tameem a closer view of his team. The game ended 0-0 even though Montréal did score; unfortunately the offside flag had gone up. I will be back at the stadium on May 12th to see the Impact play L.A Galaxy and I am hoping to score some shots of David Beckham. I have been a Becks lover since he began playing for Man Utd back in 1993. When I lived in Seoul in 2008, L.A Galaxy came to play Seoul F.C. but I was vacationing in Cambodia at the time. So this will be the first time I ever get to watch him play, which I will admit is pretty darn exciting for me!!!!!

 Self Portrait of Tameem and I at the game.

Impact fan zone.

 Almost a goal by Montréal but saved on the line by great defence.

Ahhhhhhh they missed again.

Our new seats near the fan zone.

 Candy Floss and sticky fingers time.

Getting comfy in his new view.

Allez, Allez, Allez.

 Free kick to Impact.

 Getting the crowd amped up.

 Nothing worse than a dejected fan at a game.

  Goalie goes up!

Goalie comes down!

 Goalie hits the ground!

 Game over!!!

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