Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Maison Publique

Last Saturday morning, my girlfriend and my mate Andrew who was visiting decided to head to   Maison Publique for Brunch. We had been invited to the soft opening for dinner and left so full and happy that I had to go back for brunch. Maison Publique is owned by Derek Dammann, a friend and work client to my girlfriend for years. Derek has teamed up with Jamie Oliver with this restaurant, but Derek is the mastermind behind the menu. The concept is a British style pub with gastro food. The meat is from local farmers, the wine is local and the beer is only available in Quebec. You will not see Laurentide beer in many pubs and my god is it tasty.

For me walking into this pub, is like walking into a pub in my hometown. Dark woods, long wooden bar counter, the napkins look like tea towels we use at home, the lighting, the desire path on the floor. Your cutlery can be found in drawers at the table you are sitting at. The bathroom makes me feel like I'm exactly where I should be in Montreal with antlers that hold your toilet paper and a fine copper sink. The man behind the design at Maison Publique is known as Welcome Bienvenue.

Felix making a Bon Matin drink. $10

Derek and Phil whipping up a storm in the kitchen.

Alex Cruz of Societe Orignal, our barman for the day makes us some delicious drinks called Bon Matin. Bon Matin includes champagne, cherry bitters, campari and nectarine puree.

Alex's products are for sale in MP. Some of his products are Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Sunflower seed oil and Tea.

Sourire Gratuit.

Ok lets talk about the food. We got the brunch for 2. As you can see, the dish is piled high with food. There was pork chops, beans, sausages, bacon, toast, black pudding, bubble n sqeak and finally my girlfriends favourite, a bone full of marrow. It was well worth the $40 and I can safely say I was stuffed.

Other dishes available were:
Granola and Yogurt 
Black Pudding and Egg
Pancakes and Bacon
Quiche Lorraine
Bison Tongue Sandwich - I had this for dinner so I can safely say it was a hit with my belly.
Smoked Aiglefin
English Muffin Sandwich

For dessert we had ice cream from their soft serve machine, the flavour was incredible, sea salt and nutella, def a must try.

When we sat down for brunch, Derek popped out of the kitchen with some welcoming treats for us. Holy crap, these were the best chausson aux pomme I have ever eaten. Stephanie at Rhubarbe made these delicious apple turnovers. Derek, many thanks for filling my belly with years of good food and great company. My eyes have hearts in them for you and your food.

Prunes wrapped in bacon. Sweet and salty

Bison Tongue Sandiwch, which I had for dinner last week.

Salmon, curried lentils and roasted red peppers.
Photo below by Farah Khan
Products of Alex Cruz of Societe Orignal
Photo below by Farah Khan

Photo below by Farah Khan
The Menu
Photo below by Farah Khan
Photos of Derek when he was a kid, his dogs Lola and Gloria and his son Felix who is a year old line the walls.

 The door sign was painted by Hicham Illoussamen of raed designs.
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