Friday, October 5, 2012

Quebec City

Part 2

The next morning we sauntered down some ruelles close to our hotel, it was filled with staircases zig-zagging across the street. We wandered back through the same streets as the night before, listening to a fiddle player in Place Royale, whose music sounded so Irish to me it almost made me kick up my heels and do a jig.

Ruelles of Quebec City.

The garden of a restaurant.

Don't think I would fancy this.

Quebec is full of window boxes, reminded me of home.

The fudgerie was pretty impressive with its vast display of fudge in slabs or in the shape of a sausage. The narrow streets in the Quartier Petit Champlain were chockablock with tourists. I spotted this, hmmm I am not sure what to call it, a holy shop. In I went to see a fully decked out nun inside this teeny shop filled with holiness. She allowed me to go into their garden where they had this massive mural and a very small but well taken care of grotto. Inside, she whipped out all these holy medals for me to see and I managed to buy a few for my grandmother, with the added blessing of the medals from the nun.

Fudge in the shape of sausage.

Nuns garden and grotto.

Holy medals.

A funicular ride later and we were back on Terrace Dufferin. It was a fabulous day so the views were just gorgeous. You could see all the sailboats, cruise ships, tug boats chugging along the St Lawrence river. A staircase at the end of Terrace Dufferin led us on a pretty walk through some trees above the river and ended at our next destination, La Citadelle.

The ride up the Funicular.

Views from Terrace Dufferin.

La Citadelle is home to the  Royal 22 Regiment of the Canadian Forces. It has also been an official residence of the Queen and the Governor General of Canada,who by tradition resides there for several weeks out of the year, although his main home is in Ottawa, the capital. There was a lot happening the day we visited as the Gov'nah himself was there, and we saw him for a brief moment. Also on display were the Olympic Medals from Vancouver 2010 winter Olympics. I held all the medals which were not only massive but insanely heavy.

Olympic Medals.

First medal is paraolympic and the second is olympic.

Views from La Citadelle.

Thanks to the person who took this for us.

Autumn is creeping in.


After all of this, we trekked back down the hill, to Rue Saint Paul before calling it a day and heading out for dinner.

Rue St Paul.

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