Monday, April 30, 2012

Adopt a pet

Meet the wonderful animals from Vet Plateau who are looking for their forever homes. They currently have one dog and three cats who are all hoping to get picked up and fed and loved everyday. Some are strays and have been dumped on the street by a previous owner and left to fend for themselves. If you know anyone who would love to adopt one of these gorgeous animals then please call or visit to see the animals. 

Meet Kai: Kai is looking for a forever home. He isn't always an angel but when he is it more than makes up for his less stellar moments. Plus if he was always good he would be a bit boring.

Meet Little Grey: He is looking for a home where his retiring nature will be appreciated. He can make a great companion and would prefer a quiet household.

Meet Bambam: He is still looking for a home. He is very handsome and friendly.

Meet Luella: She is available for adoption and is a wonderfully affectionate, friendly cat. Luella was found as a stray and cared for one of our very compassionate clients until a spot was available for her here. She is ready for her forever home and she is spayed, up to date with her shots and parasite free.

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