Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An engagement in oldport

We decided to head to Oldport in Montreal in hopes to get some really nice shots. It was much colder than the day before and I felt bad for her in her dress. We headed to Gibby's where they have a nice courtyard and the first sign of green I have seen in a while. We walked the streets of Saint Paul and finally in the tiniest ruelle, we just so happened to bump into a Russian musician who was kind enough to sing and play for us while they danced. It was a really amazing moment and thanks so much to Konstantin for being more than willing to play for us. Farah and I took a bunch of photos and we wish them all the best when they get married in New York next weekend and in Germany in June with both families. You guys are fabulous and I cant wait to photograph the many little pitter patters that will soon be coming our way. Xxxx

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