Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tina and Maria

I met Tina and Maria in 2006 when I moved to Seoul, South Korea as an English Teacher. Tina just so happened to be living right next door to me and Maria was upstairs. I spent Thanksgiving in Tina's room with some friends while everyone hustled to get a turkey and various dishes cooked on just one ring of a stove, yes one ring was all each room had, so people were scrambling from room to room to cook one meal. Oh the good times. We spent our birthdays and Buddha's birthday together, went to baseball games, restaurant adventures and the many hilarious (waste of time "bonding" trips) that seongdong provided us with . I was so sad to hear in 2007 that they would be moving to China for two years, but we managed to keep in touch. They eventually moved to Thailand and have been living there for the past three years. They got engaged in Montreal last July and I had the privilege of shooting their engagement party. This weekend they had a flash visit to Montreal where I met them in Vieux-Montreal to scout around for some spots for their wedding. I am so so happy for you guys and I cannot wait to shoot your wedding with Farah in July. 축하합니다. Haha you guys should remember that one.


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